Web site Data Synchronization

Keep Web site information always up to date by making changes instantly and automatically within iPUB.

Most publishers have databases on their Web site that act much like a catalogue that customers can use to place orders and to do other business. When information like price or availability changes, however, the Web site is often the last thing to be updated and doing so may make your Web site an ineffective sales tool.

With iPUB’s Web site Data Synchronization, information is only changed in one place, iPUB. iPUB can export the updated information to an external database, and then your Web site can access and import the changes.


Web Site Data Synchronization




  • Integration with products and website
  • Automatic website updates
  • Unified Database

Publisher Benefits


  • Smooth and fast information flow
  • Fewer forms to fill out. Less duplication of effort and possibility of input error
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs from business processes
  • Update product content like:
    • Title
    • Quantity on hand
    • Price
    • Author
    • Description
  • Change Web site data without re-keying or editing
  • Always show the latest product information
  • Have your product information relayed to Bowker’s PubEasy, a business-to-business service that links providers within the publishing industry


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