Quick-pay Commissions

Creating a commission plan using spreadsheets or an off-the-shelf software system can be cumbersome and can require significant time and effort to use properly. Maintaining, modifying , and learning such software can only make things more stressful than needed.

The world-class iPUB software solution provides publishers with an easy way to design, manage, report and analyze incentive compensation and variable pay plans for hundreds of commissioned sales staff.


Quick-pay commissions




  • Scalability provides growth
  • Sales Analysis
  • Comprehensive Report Capabilities
  • Flexibility on commission design or structure

Publisher Benefits


  • Accurate and timely incentive compensation data
  • Enhanced productivity, accelerated payroll calculations, bolstered morale, better business decisions
  • Rapidly build and modify complex incentive compensation plans easily
  • View, edit, and analyze commission calculations
  • Build and adjust compensation calculations using Excel-based syntax
  • Automate updates to plans and participants without the need for programming
  • Users access real-time results for in-depth reporting and analysis


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