Easy, Quick Order Entry

Order processing is linked to all other parts of the iPUB system. Many sales are lost because customers tire of waiting for back orders or for products to arrive. iPUB gives you up-to-the-minute information about all orders in your business.

You can use iPUB to more easily manage your business and handle intricate orders, including back orders and not-yet-published orders.  You can know exactly how many products are available to ship when taking an order; that way, you will not promise out of stock inventory.  Limit split orders, multiple shipments, increased costs, delays, and more with iPUB.


order entry



  • Centralized, automated system
  • User-defined order parameters
  • Automated order comments, some for warehouse only
  • Alert system notifies you of back orders that can be filled
  • Automated inventory replenishment system
  • Complex pricing and discounting
  • Import orders from various sources:
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Web
    • EDI
    • Pub Easy
    • Distributor (ie. Baker & Taylor, Ingram, etc)
    • And more
  • Supported Order Types:
    • Regular
    • Proforma
    • Standing
    • Back Order
    • NYP Back Order
    • Complimentary
    • Author Sale
    • And more

Publisher Benefits


  • Every order entered can automatically adjust inventory, sales analysis, royalties, commissions, and accounts receivable
  • Order processing incorporates complex pricing and discounting, including future pricing dates, or special source pricing
  • Establish order parameters for each customer, for example:
    • Determine how long back orders will be held
    • Hold orders for efficient shipping
    • Allow standing orders
  • Reviews of the order can be made at every step of the order process to keep customers informed
  • Prevent lost sales with an instant alert that tells you when product has arrived and orders can be filled
  • Take pre-orders for not-yet-published books and easily fill them on the day of release
  • Make back orders rare by setting automatic re-order points to replenish inventory


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