Marketing Campaigns & Reports

Marketing is an entirely different business from publishing. Great marketing is engaging, compelling, grabs attention, and tells a meaningful story to a targeted audience.

The business of marketing has evolved and today several communications tools use electronic methods.  Clearly, the very heart of electronic marketing is email.  If you are not using email campaigns as part of your business strategy you are missing out on a very powerful part of the market.

iPUB interfaces with powerful third-party applications and services that assist in these interactive email campaigns.  Sending them to qualified segments of your iPUB database, tracking results in real time and creating call lists based on results is a prime example of today's marketing capabilities.






  • List Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Integrated Platform
  • Unified Database
  • Strategic Partnerships with Cutting Edge Providers
  • Drip Marketing - Sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control
  • Create customer groups based on sales data for targeted marketing

Publisher Benefits


  • Tailor your campaigns specifically for every segment in your database and offer solutions or messages that exclusively address the interests of each group using a single database.
  • Create highly relevant, specific campaigns that will appeal directly to those that are interested.
  • Deploy your campaign using an integrated email solution without the hassle of time-consuming qualification and export/import.
  • Send your emails directly from PubVision
  • Measure the results of each campaign with real-time reports
  • Create captivating communications with the help of SwiftPage, Constant Contact, and Brand Mail.
  • Create campaigns that deliver multiple emails over time, drip marketing.
  • Build your marketing campaign, then set it and forget it. Your emails will be delivered at the appropriate time.
  • Automate the entire sales process from initial contact to closing the sale, using Selling Magic and iPUB


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