Integrated Credit Card Processing

Credit card orders are quick and convenient but can also be cumbersome and expensive. If you are not careful you will become buried in surcharges and fees, to the extent that selling your books becomes more difficult rather than easier.

If you are not set up to take credit cards for your Web site and trade show sales you are out of step with the industry and at a huge disadvantage among publishers.

The problem is, most publishers don’t know how credit card processing actually works. iPUB’s integrated credit card processing system makes the process clean and simple.


Credit Card Processing




  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Complete Credit Card System
  • No Additional Cost
  • Volume Pricing Advantages
  • Lowest Fees

Publisher Benefits


  • A partnership with Merchant Warehouse provides integrated credit card processing within the iPUB software
  • Instant authorization and processing of credit card information at your fingertips
  • Works with your bank
  • Free Setup w/No Contracts!!
  • Take credit card orders from your Web site, at trade shows or over the phone
  • Avoid interchange surcharges, non-qualified transaction costs and excessive processing fees
  • The credit card system is embedded into the iPUB base system, not an additional module that costs extra
  • Purchase volume helps you qualify for the lowest possible rate
  • We provide help and education to understand credit card processing fees and how to keep them low
  • Simplified credit card transactions for you and your customers


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