Customer Management

If you don’t know your customers and/or vendors you don’t know your business.

iPUB's first-class interface will provide you with the very best sales reports. Our sales analysis tool, PubVision, will give you first-class analysis of your sales in order to help improve your profitability.

PubVision was designed with ease in mind, and your end-users will be able to quickly retrieve pertinent sales-related data. You will know from daily sales reports exactly who your customers are and what they are buying, exactly just how much you need to pay out to vendors and distributors, and precisely just how much you are profiting from daily sales reports.

PubVision can save your pre-configured reports, and it can even be set to email those reports... to anyone in the world! PubVision's reports will show you what you are missing in your current business software. Below is a list of features and benefits PubVision will afford you.






  • Ease of Use
  • Automated sales reporting
  • Customer, Vendor, and Distributor tracking

Publisher Benefits


  • See all customer interactions and transactions
  • Know what customers bought and what they want
  • View service issues, pending orders, overdue invoices and more
  • Centralize data for dispersed sales representatives
  • Provide sales representatives with historical customer service information before they make the sales call


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