Comprehensive Reports

Have you ever wondered who is buying your books? Are you awash in meaningless sales data that prevent you from identifying trends or making sound publishing decisions? Your business cannot survive unless you have access to comprehensive reports and sales information.

Inadequate or unreliable report capabilities are disastrous to a publisher’s business. You must know exactly who is buying your books and help your sales force identify viable customers. Trends and projections also are vital to growth. Moreover, you cannot afford to waste a single dime of your marketing budget – every cent must be strategically spent for maximum return.


comprehensive reporting




  • Decision Support
  • Sales Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Sales Integration
  • Easy “Build-Your-Own” Reports interface
  • Trend Analysis
  • Period-to-Period Comparisons


Publisher Benefits


  • Easily identify top customers, titles and market segments
  • Quickly analyze sales data; generate comprehensive monthly trend analysis reports and period-to-period sales comparisons
  • Identify key sales opportunities and stay ahead of dwindling supply with inventory reports that are as easy as a click of the mouse
  • Real-time sales numbers display in every customer’s record, tracking purchase quantities by month, quarter or year, titles purchased, complimentary books sent, books returned and more
  • Create engaging graphic presentations and save your reports in multiple formats, like Excel and pdf
  • Import sales data from virtually any internal or external system to create AR and sales reporting


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