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The depth of experience behind the development of our software brings you and your staff instant knowledge to infuse into your business. When selecting business software, we feel your bottom line expectations are based on both software architecture and the people behind the product striving to improve your business. In order to add new software functionality, we’ve positioned iPUB’s development goals on our past publishing knowledge, our desire to actively listen to user needs, and a passion for excellence. We are here to increase your success, and we will strive to keep positive and open relationships with our users in order to address issues, to strengthen our software with new functionality, and to remain the #1 business software in a highly competitive industry.

Why choose iPUB?

Having spent over three decades in the Publishing Industry, IPRO’s publishing business software background offers expertise and experience that allows us to take a more consultative approach with our clients and prospects. In fact, over the years, we have seen it, done it, and yes, even added it to the CORE functionality for both Giallo and iPUB.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a complete and up to date business system for one price—from order entry through advanced sales analysis tools. We do NOT charge for “modules” or database updates. We strive to produce the very best software for our client’s needs. We know it isn’t safe to become complacent and look to our clients input to constantly improve our business processing methods, embracing and integrating new technological advancements, and software enhancements based on real-world needs and suggestions.


Features and Facts

  • Collectively, the management team at iPUB has sold more than $100 million of software, hardware and services to the publishing industry
  • We are experienced in most publishing categories including: Trade, Educational (Kcollege and El-Hi), Professional, Reference, Technical, Software, Religious, Business to Business, University Presses, electronic, Print on Demand and more
  • Book based, subscription based such as Journal and Periodical (real or virtual)
  • Content management (CD, Kit/Set, BOM, Virtual, Hard)
  • Distributors of all types
  • We offer a scalable solution with the tools to support mid sized and smaller publishers
  • Integration to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM databases
  • Use iPUB across the Internet, VPN, LAN, or WAN
  • We offer cost-effective, rapid support for service and free upgrades
  • iPUB will easily and efficiently integrate into existing warehouse technology and fulfillment protocols
  • Choose to have iPUB within a restricted budget using the "hosted plan"

Telephone: 1-440-229-1273   E-mail: jeanne@ipubsoftware.com
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