Automatic Royalties

Because royalty contracts are often quite complex, they can not only waste your time, but they can consume your valuable resources and increase your costs in the blink of an eye. But while using iPUB, you can quickly and easily manage royalty contracts, create statements and distribute payments.


automatic royalties




  • Unrestricted number of authors/recipients per contract
  • Reserves, rights, sliding scales and author advances
  • Complex royalty calculations are are user defined


  • Seamless integration with internal and external systems
  • Royalties integrates order processing, accounts receivable, and books returned
  • Cross collateralize books for payees

Publisher Benefits


  • Review statements, manage payments, and pay distributions.
  • Prepare accurate royalty statements quickly and easily, whether you are working with a single author or paying multiple recipients on numerous titles.
  • Expenses can be applied against royalties.
  • Anticipate cash flow and issue checks efficiently.
  • Utilize multiple ways to generate on-time statements – in batches or individually.
  • Export reports to Excel, pdf, html, or directly into an email.
  • Cut your costs and manage your cash flow.


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