Automated Web Orders & EDI

Most of the time, Web site sales can be a cost-effective way publishers grow their business. However, processing these orders can bring a troublesome set of problems.

Typically, Web orders are sent via email to the publisher, who then has to manually input each order into their system. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and has the inherent risk of input error and possible delay in fulfillment.

iPUB eliminates these problems with automated Web orders. Each Web order arrives from a publisher's Web site and is automatically converted into an order within the iPUB system. There is no manual input or re-keying of data, so there is no chance of input error or increased labor costs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI orders can also be received in the same way. iPUB's built-in EDI translator converts EDI orders into iPUB orders instantly.

Some large bookstores and book distributors using EDI require customized formatting, special vans, and mailboxes. For this reason, iPUB interfaces with Unitech EDI, PubEasy, and Pub Net.


electronic orders




  • Built-in eCommerce eXchange for your Website
  • Communication with warehouse or 3rd party fulfillment
  • Built-in EDI Translator

Publisher Benefits


  • Receive and process Web orders without manual re-entry of data
  • Automatically send orders to the warehouse for fulfillment
  • Automatically adjusts invoices, inventory, royalties, and sales history
  • Built-in EDI translator enhances your ability to accept orders from large trading partners in the format they require. This increases your competitive advantage and reduces costs.
  • Interface with Unitech EDI gives you the ability to link to nearly all large bookstores, distributors and wholesalers
  • Interfaces with PubEasy and PubNet give you access to the college textbook marketplace and much more


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