Accounts Receivable

Book returns and inefficient billing -- nothing can chew up your bottom line faster. iPUB makes sure you account for every return and track every invoice to collect exactly what you are owed.

Your publishing business depends on reconciling book returns to control cash flow. At the same time you need to know your invoices are received and paid promptly.

In a perfect world, bookstores take credit only for books that they actually return. But in the real world, we all know that many invoices are paid with credits charged-back from book returns that either are slow to arrive or never arrive at all.

iPUB tracks these credits and reconciles them against books actually returned. So you know exactly what you are owed, iPUB tracks each transaction, invoice and payment.


Accounts Receivable




  • Review a bookstore chain’s latest return record
  • Pull up a bookstore’s most recent invoice
  • Generate monthly statements bookstore chains request
  • Produce detailed histories necessary to collect large past-due bills
  • Look up a customer’s sales history
  • Pay royalties only when  payments received
  • Integrate order processing, accounts receivable, inventory and book returns
  • Program an alert system that triggers your next follow-up call
  • Email a current invoice to your customer while you are speaking on the phone

Publisher Benefits


  • Modify bookstore credits taken, to match up with actual number of books returned and modify invoices accordingly
  • Automatically track every invoice, credit, and credit memo
  • Always know exactly what each customer owes
  • Customer buying and payment activities are all available in one place
  • Eliminate overstated sales and overpaid royalties
  • Avoid becoming a collection agency
  • Link unlimited ship-tos to a single bill-to; analyze sales data by company or store
  • Integrate the order, fulfillment, inventory and accounting systems
  • Import sales data from virtually any internal or external system to create AR and sales reporting


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